Using an Antique Table Without Damaging It

Every day you are caught in a struggle with your most treasured antique table. You want to have a quality gathering at the dinner table and see the fabulous wood but don’t want that sweating cold lemonade to stain it or that gravy that is hidden from your view on the side of the table, at dinner, to permanently leave a huge white spot. But what do you do?


There is an ongoing challenge and a formidable one at that taking place with many owners of fine antique furniture. They desire to preserve your collections along with the idea that it still should be utilized. These two ideas tend to be in conflict without a single doubt. But there are a few things you can do that just might help with this matter.


Since you might not want a full table cloth on at dinner time then at least use a coaster for the drinks. This of course will help to prolong the finish and prevent those moldy spots left in that area where you know that cup was sitting but had been later covered with an ornament to hide the mess. One really good option if you want to see the wood and hate coasters or you’re just sure that a drink will ultimately get spilled is to place a glass top on the table. Be sure to put some nice little rubber pieces between the table and the glass. That seems like that is the ultimate solution if you can find the right sized glass piece to place on the wood.


When you clean your table, after a meal, wipe off the dust or crumbs first using a soft cloth or a vacuum with a soft brush attached. If you have to clean the table with a wet cloth, then use a very dilute detergent. Make sure you dry the table well as wetness or humidity will cause cracks, gaps in the joints and problems with veneer or any inlays in the table.


If you happen to have your table in front of a window you should close the curtain during the brightest part of the day as the sunlight can cause fading and unsightly darkening of the finish. If you don’t mind a cover then put a table top cover on to avoid this problem with the wood and still enjoy the afternoon sun.


These suggestions might seem trivial but following them will help you to increase the life of your antique table.

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