Antique Christmas Ornaments

You Might Have an Antique Christmas Ornament!


You might have a valuable antique Christmas ornament. Do you get a new ornament for the family holiday almost every year? You might already have a great collection of Christmas ornaments spanning years of family celebration. Many people do…


So many people love to display their collections year after year at celebrations with their friends and family.  They have been adding to the ornament collection for generations …and even though many don’t think of themselves as collectors, they indeed have quite a collection. There are actually many different kinds of people who collect antique ornaments. These ornaments are one of the most numerous of all items collected.


Some people like to use antique decorations to spice up their festive scene. An old world decor is quite appealing and can be easily created by adding to your vintage collection all year. Yard sales, flea markets, and internet shopping reveal many beautiful decorations throughout the year.


Some people like to collect a whole series of ornaments or a certain type of material. Antique ornaments are available still in pressed and painted cardboard, paper mache, blown glass and spun glass. Or how about antique Christmas lights or feather trees. People even collect antique cards. Collections of antique Christmas decorations that date back to the 19th and 20th century are worth quite a lot so if you have any, that are as old as that, then care for them wisely.


If you are not one of the people who has started an ornament collection but want to, then check into ornaments made in the ’60s, as they might be easier to find than the 20th-century antiques.


While Christmas and decorations constantly evolve with times and fluctuate with the current fashions there will always be decorations worth collecting. Look over your antique Christmas ornaments and think about how you can add to your collection this year.

Types of Antique Rugs

Antique Rugs are often older than 25 years but there are also reproductions that rug manufacturers make which are exact copies of old rugs often of a museum model. The truly antique rug has to be expertly cared for while the contemporary copy can be used in every day living without the same concerns.


A rug can really highlight your home and many rugs from the past have held up for years and years withstanding time and many feet. Here we will cover in brief some antique rug styles. Let’s get going…


* For use as an area rug or an accent you will find that an antique Persian rug has an incredibly tight and extremely precise pattern. This is a common characteristic of this rug and it comes in color schemes suitable for vintage and contemporary style decor.


* Another type of Persian rug called Bakshaish is popular with collectors and has a rich pigment and unforced character to it. But these rugs are more for a centerpiece in a room. They bring about a wonderful contrasting picture of designs that refresh and inspire.


* If you want a floral design the antique sarouk Persians is for you and it is strong, sturdy yet plush enough to be soft.


But there are more than Persian rugs and even more than oriental rugs that make up our history. And here are some worth mentioning too:


* If you like dragons then you might like to consider a Kar Rug

* If you are looking for overall beauty with a wonderful design then look for an Anatolian rug

* A Ladik rug has tulips in the center and on the borders for you tulip lovers.

* The Turkmen rug has a flat woven weave and hand knotted


Looking into the Southwest Americas you will find awesome Navajo rugs. Navajo rugs make wonderful wall hangings as well as floor coverings. Many other classical rugs are:

* Asian rug

* Chinese rug

* Tibetan Rug

Most of these old rugs have wonderful dramatic coloring and some spiritual meaning.


And while these rugs we just explored might be considered antique they can still be very useable. They are meant to be used and are meant to be a decorative cover for your floor. One tip you might consider in helping keep your antique rug in optimal shape is to use a carpet pad. One of the best is plastic foam as this will prolong the life of most antique rugs of any kind.