An Antique Wedding Ring as a Family Treasure


Have you thought of an antique wedding ring in your search for something unique?  Do you want something you can pass along with your family history?  Antique rings have a certain charm to them and a unique quality not found in a modern ring.  Let’s explore this a bit more.


* Consider the fact that you can often find a larger looking diamond that dates back to the 30’s. Why is that?  Well, the bands were very elaborate and allowed the carved setting to accentuate the diamond in a way that made it look bigger.

* an old heirloom ring is sometimes less expensive than a new diamond ring.

* old wedding rings are many times of a much better craftsmanship

* Antique bands are already an heirloom

* if you were to order a ring made today with the same style work as an antique ring you would pay much more than you would pay for the authentic era ring.

* antique diamond rings can be found with lovely but slight rose hues or yellow or green diamonds…Talk about unique.


But do keep in mind, when shopping for antique jewelry, that if the wedding ring has any other companion stones they need to be checked for quality.  Many other stones are soft and can be more easily cracked.  Stones such as pearls, opals, or emeralds are good examples of softer stones.


Also consider that an antique diamond’s quality was measured differently in the past due to technological differences.  The cutting methods were also different but then that is what will also help to make the ring more unique.


When you shop for a ring, keep in mind the terminology used because a truly antique ring is, by most rules, a ring that is over fifty years of age.


Whatever ring you decide to buy just make sure that the ring brings you pleasure. Preserve your family history by purchasing a unique Antique wedding ring and a touch of class like no modern ring can project.

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