Neighborhood Gold Part 1

By Dale Alan, Guest Blogger

Several Ways To Make And Save Money At Estate Sales, Garage Sales & Several Other Places You Probably Never Thought Of

Garage Sale season is upon us once again, and for those who love them here are some tips that might very well make your excursions more fun and profitable.


Whether you’re serious about making money, or just enjoy going to garage/estate sales, I would suggest making a list of items you may want or might need.  This might include everything from household, outdoor/garden, office supplies, gifts for family or friends, or anything else you might think of.


Depending on your needs, the first items I suggest you look for are items you know you’ll useIt just makes sense because you’ll be buying items at a much lower price for items you’ll eventually buy anyhow, (At Full Price)!


There’s a wide range of items to look for including office supplies and equipment, food, cleaning supplies, lawn care supplies, paint or painting equipment, tools, camping equipment and much more.  (Always check expiration dates on food)!


You might also look for items to give away as gifts for family members. (This can save you a nice chunk of change). I love buying gifts for my grandchildren! (No Junk)!  Usually, brand new. Think Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, etc.


Look for items like napkins, paper plates, cups, paper clips, pens, computer paper, envelopes, fertilizer, weed control, etc.


Here are some examples of some larger purchases I’ve made over the years that saved me hundreds of dollars had I bought them new.  I’m still using a Brother laser printer I purchased over 4 years ago, (it was brand new & still in the original box), 2 desks, awesome computer speakers, a 20-inch computer monitor, several pieces of furniture and much more.


This is just a little information to get you started.  In Part 2 of Neighborhood Gold, I’m going to show you an item you can buy for as little as 25 cents to $1 and resell for a huge profit.  In some cases, these items will sell for $100 or more!


Part 2 will be posted on our blog very soon.


Dale Alan has a ton of personal experience, as he has been buying and reselling items he’s purchased for a profit from estate sales, garage sales, auctions, goodwill stores and more for over 25 years.